Full Moon at Golden Gate Bridge

Full Moon at Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco, California, USA

Photo © copyright by Ed Tabler.


Full Moon at Golden Gate Bridge print

Unlike the other display options which involve a mounted fine art ink print, infused metal prints involve an entirely different dye sublimation printing technique. Here the image is infused into a polyester coated sheet of aluminum in a high pressure heat press. The dyes sublimate from a solid to a gas, and transfer to the metal print, where they solidify in the polyester coating. The way light shines through the surface coating and through the image itself to a glossy white base gives the metal prints a unique sense of depth and a richness of color. A protective, acid-free black coating is applied to the back of the infused metal and is completed with a black 1/2” recessed backing with concealed French cleat hanger to give it a floating effect when mounted on the wall. Overall depth of product is 2/3 from front face to wall. 

Please note that due to the manufacturing process there may be very tiny imperfections in the metal print surface, but these are barely noticeable and don't detract from the dazzling appearance.

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