I am pleased to offer my prints in four formats: backing board mounted prints, FloatPlaq mounted prints, infused glossy metal prints, metallic prints and acrylic glass-mounted prints. 

All but the Glossy Metal Prints are produced using a state-of-the-art twelve ink archival Canon Lucia EX pigment ink printer. The pigment inks combine the gloss of dye ink with the vivid colors and weather resistance of pigment ink. With this printing technology, colors are more true to image than that of chemical prints and can achieve 1200 dpi resolution with ink drop sizes as small as 4 pico liters. The printer's built in calibration system achieves consistent results and allows prints to be processed in 16-bit format. Products with these prints have a greater than 115 year archival rating by the Wilhelm Institute. 


Satin paper is used on my backing board and FloatPlaq mounted prints. This acid-free premium-quality paper is slightly textured and maintains a satin (or luster) surface. It is similar to E-surface papers utilized in darkroom printing; however the print surface doesn't show fingerprints, nor does it reflect glare like glossy papers, and provides tremendous color accuracy. Satin paper has excellent ink retention properties yielding an exceptionally large color gamut for bright, realistically saturated colors and accurate skin tones. 


Metallic paper is used on my acrylic glass-mounted prints. Metallic prints have a metallic-like surface and higher gloss than regular photo paper. These prints yield a pearlescent metallic sheen that gives prints a sharp, vibrant, and exceptionally rich-looking appearance. This paper looks much like traditional 'wet' photo paper but with the control of an inkjet printer.


Mounted on a thin, stiff, archival backing board, the print is ready to be framed without matte or glass. Simply drop the print into a frame of the same dimensions. The photo is printed on satin fine art paper and is sealed with a special fine art-grade semi-matte UV-protective laminate that eliminates unwanted reflections while maintaining excellent image clarity and contrast while making the print UV, water and fingerprint resistant.


Satin fine art prints are mounted on an acid-free 3/8" high density, smooth wood substrate, finished with a beveled edge, and then sealed with a special semi-matte UV-protective laminate, which protects the print and eliminates reflections while maintaining excellent image clarity and contrast. The mount is finished with a recessed 3/4" deep backing to create a floating effect. A simple French cleat system is provided to securely mount the FloatPlaq flush against a wall.


Unlike the other display options which involve a mounted fine art ink print, infused glossy metal prints involve an entirely different dye sublimation printing technique. The image is infused into a polyester-coated sheet of aluminum in a high pressure heat press. The dyes sublimate from a solid to a gas  and transfer to the metal print, where they solidify in the polyester coating. When finished, the way light shines through the surface coating and through the image itself gives the metal prints a luscious appearance and an amazing sense of depth. A recessed 1/2" aluminum frame with French cleat hanging system allows these metal prints to have a floating dimension while hanging securely and discretely.


Photos are printed on metallic fine art paper, which are then mounted in an acid-free manner to a premium 1/16"-thick sheet of precision cut, hand-polished aluminum. The print is then sealed with a special semi-matte UV laminate, which protects the print and eliminates reflections while maintaining excellent image clarity and contrast. The metallic fine art paper adds extra depth, clarity, and iridescence for a remarkably modern presentation. A recessed 3/4" aluminum frame withFrench cleat hanging system allows these metal prints to have a floating dimension while hanging securely and discretely.


Acrylic glass-mounted prints raise the bar for extraordinary image quality with wonderfully vibrant colors, extreme clarity, deeper tones and tremendous depth of contrast. Here the image is printed on fine art-grade metallic paper which is then pressed face first onto a 3/16" art-grade, UV-protected, museum-grade, scratch-resistant acrylic plexiglass, which is then backed by a 1/8" black acid-free board. The edges of the acrylic are then clear-frosted and beveled. A protective, acid-free black coating is applied to the back of the infused metal and is completed with a black 1/2” recessed frame with concealed French cleat hanger to give it a floating effect when mounted on the wall. The distance between the front of the print and the wall is approximately 2/3”.

Although acrylic glass-mounted prints are more expensive than the other mounting options, they provide the ultimate in image quality and elegant display.


The biggest difference in these mounting options is the glossy versus semi-matte surface. If you like shiny, glossy prints, you should choose either the metal or acrylic glass prints. If you like the slightly more natural look of a semi-matt or satin finish, choose the Backing Board or FloatPlaq option. 

All print display options look their best under good direct lighting, such as halogen or LED track lights pointed directly on the prints. But, perfect gallery lighting conditions aren't always an option, so your expected lighting conditions are another factor to consider. 

The anti-reflective characteristic of the UV laminate in both the Backing Board and FloatPlaq options enables you to see the entire image without distracting reflections, making both a great choice for big prints hanging in rooms that have large, bright windows where reflections could be problematic. If, on the other hand, the print will be hung in a fairly dim room without direct lighting, Metal prints will look the best, displaying the most image contrast and depth regardless of lighting conditions. 

The size of the print should also be taken into consideration. FloatPlaqs are a good choice for giant print sizes since you can see the entire scene without any distracting reflections. Metal and acrylic-glass prints will look absolutely stunning in large sizes provided they aren't hung in a room with big, bright windows.

The glossy Metal and Acrylic-glass options offer the most breath-taking presentations. The Metal prints have a luscious finish and a sense of depth that is unrivaled by any other format. Acrylic glass-mounted prints, because they are printed on fine art-grade metallic paper, have the highest level of color accuracy, similar to that of Backing Board mounted prints and FloatPlaq mounted prints but with a glossy finish. For this reason Acrylic-glass mounts are an excellent choice for those who prefer glossy prints but require museum-quality perfection.


First find the photo(s) in its respective gallery. Scroll to the area beneath the photo and you'll find the print options for that photo. Choose the desired framing/mounting option and select the desired size, then add it to your shopping cart. Once you've chosen your photo(s), check out with a credit card using the secure and easy Paypal processor. You do not need to have a PayPal account to check out - you can use your credit card as usual.


Shipping is free on all print orders within the U.S.

Prints, once prepared, are securely packaged, shipped insured via FedEx, and arrive within 3-4 weeks of the purchase date. In the event that I am unable to ship your order within this timeframe, you will be notified of the expected ship date and offered a refund if you choose not to wait.


Please contact me to request a shipping estimate prior to placing your order. I will need to know the size(s) and display option(s) you are interested in, along with the country to which it will be delivered. International shipping costs vary depending primarily on the size of the shipment.


I am confident that you will be pleased with the quality of the prints, so I offer a full refund (up to $5000, but not including return postage) for any print* returned in new condition within a week of receipt. The refund will be processed once I receive the returned print.
In the rare event a print is damaged in shipping, please let me know immediately so I can make arrangements to ship a replacement. 

* Please note that my guarantee does not apply to custom orders for items not listed for sale on my website, such as custom print sizes or canvas prints. All sales for such custom items are final.

Refunds will not be given for prints damaged due to neglectful storage. The prints should always be stored or displayed in a dry room out of direct sunshine.